Program - initiative for art and architectural collaborations, Berlin.

in collaboration with artist & choreographer Margrét Bjarnadóttir

5 video projections
Two point five was a site specific installation, the outcome of a first time experimental collaboration between the artists. Developed over two months, Hansdóttir and Bjarnadóttir merged their practices in fine art and dance and developed a spatial strategy to expose the silent character within moments in the gallery space. Corners, doors, edges, or the otherwise mundane, featureless parts of the room begin to reveal a ‘suggestion’ of life. Fragmented moving shadows and glimmering reflections were interrupted as visitors walked past projected beams of light, creating accidental overlaps between the two-dimensional moving images on the wall and the three-dimensional movement in the gallery space. The title of the piece, two point five, suggests this liminal condition; the perception and experience of the piece can only be known by moving through and around the gallery. Two point five discloses an aesthetics of parallax–an aesthetics that is revealed peripatetically within space and between disciplines.